Got Gold? Put It To Work With A Unique Gold Loan Program


Georgetown Trust, in Partnership with Caye International Bank, provides you with the ability to borrow against your physical precious metal reserves stored in our secured vault in Zurich.

You can now leverage your gold holdings to get more than just the security and comfort from your gold; you can actually utilize the cash value of your holdings to purchase investments of your choosing.

Georgetown Trust Gold Loan Program

Here’s how the Gold Loan Program works:

  • Georgetown Trust and Caye International Bank will provide you with a secured Line of Credit based on the value of the gold in your segregated precious metal holdings stored in Switzerland.
  • Your Line of Credit limit will represent up to 75% of the current market value of your gold holding, adjusted daily.
  • The Line of Credit will be provided at a low annual interest rate and will be interest only with a 1-year renewable term.
  • A minimum requirement of $100,000 US in gold holdings is initially required to qualify for the Gold Loan Program.

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P.S. The Gold Loan Program is only available for Caye International Bank clients. To establish an account please contact us and we’ll facilitate that for you.

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