Purchase & Store Your Precious Metals in a Safe, Insured Vault in Switzerland

Georgetown Trust’s Precious Metals Program helps you conveniently fulfill your purchase of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.precious-metals-program

Now you can purchase and store your precious metals while leveraging Georgetown Trust’s insured extremely well protected vault facility in Switzerland. 

The Precious Metals Program ensures the fulfillment of your precious metals acquisition and provides for their ultra-safe storage.

With the Precious Metal Program you get:

  • Minimal Entry - a unique precious metals acquisition and storage strategy that allows you to acquire gold in quantities as low as $10,000 per transaction.
  • Bulk Buying - gold purchased each calendar month will be aggregated into one monthly purchase. Your gold remains individually allocated and segregated at all times. This allows you to conduct small transactions at volume price savings.
  • Lower Storage Rates - our arrangement with an insured vault facility in Switzerland allows you to enjoy lower storage rates based on the combined high-volume discounts received by Georgetown Trust. As a result, you benefit from the discounts extended to us based on our total client holdings.
  • Asset Protection – As a non-monetary asset stored abroad, inherent asset protection is derived as gold protects future purchasing power. You will have personally allocated gold in your name that does not have to be reported. 

Learn more about this unique Precious Metals Program by downloading the free Fact Sheet.

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